We Carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us .
— Rumi

the process .

Pick your location

The first thing I think about is your why . How do you plan to use the photographs ? What do you want to feel when you look at them . Is it for you or is it for a brand or website ? These are just a few things to consider . I think there is always a good reason for a photograph but the meaning of it helps influence how we photograph you. From there, you can narrow down to indoor or an outdoor session . For indoor shoots, consider the studio where you practice . If your a teacher then mainly teach or have your practice. For outdoor locations, think of areas that have a close meaning to you or feel good about . If you are not certain it’s okay as I can help you with all of this !

Posing ideas

Before your session think about your favorite poses . They don’t have to be complicated . There' is beauty in simplicity and just a simple seated pose looks beautiful just as a heart opener or inversions can . Think about the energy too that you want to portray . I say come with at least 3-5 pose ideas . A PINTEREST board can be really helpful with ideas and inspiration or decide to make an album on your phone of favorites.

I will also have ideas too so don’t worry a bit ! However , if there is something that is really meaningful to you i would like to know so we can photograph it . Sometimes, even a location can help stir a pose too . There’s so many ideas and I’ll be here to help guide you into a simple flow of poses if you can’t think of any and what seems like beautiful images as well. Thats my job . I love to mimic the surroundings and use nature as a guide too !

BEauty /Make up

Should you have hair and make up ? Thats completely up to you . I can recommend a few I use . It can make you feel beautiful but it is not required . Please keep in mind if you tan do it several days in advance so there are no tan lines or burning . Please no fake tans since those can turn the skin extra orangey in photos

Nails should be clean .

Drink plenty of water a few days leading up to your session and get plenty of rest . Staying hydrated can help your skin so much . Also keep the lips hydrated as well with lip gloss or chap stick to keep cracked lips from showing up in photos .


On the day of your session try to set aside at least 15 min for a mini yoga practice if time allows . Just so your body can be warmed up and more open at our session .


Where what you feel most comfortable and beautiful in . When you feel beautiful you feel confident and will photograph well .

Don’t feel like you have to keep to only yoga clothing For yoga sessions most come with their Yoga clothing and if you choose you can bring other outfits such as flowy dresses , jeans or what ever you feel shows you the best ! Do be sure to bring at least two outfits for some change if choosing more than an hour session especially to change it up. Be sure to try on all your outfits to check undergarments or fit . It keeps you prepared and unnecessary changing so we can keep shooting .

Very tight patterns and neon colors do not photograph well so ty to steer clear of those . Neons tend to leave a color cast on your skin so I am not a fan . Make sure your clothing is free from wrinkles or stains .

***Three colors that look good on everyone despite your skin tone are teal , purple, and navy*** .


Feel free to bring any props such as Mandalas if you wish . Be sure to bring a mat although we don’t always use it( especially in nature), a blanket or towel that you may want to be photographed with is a good alternative or a bloster or meditation cushion for studio sessions.

Payment is due to confirm your booking and is paid in full prior to the session.


Expect your digital images to up to 3 weeks . Ordering of custom products 2 - 4 weeks additional depending on the product .

AFter the session