Oh, What to Wear ……. { Atlanta Canton Georgia Family Photographer}

I get asked  what to wear  the most out of all the frequently asked questions. It seems to be easier for children sessions but when its a family its a little different and more thought has to be put into it. First of all I want you to be very comfortable and to feel your best . Wear what makes you feel confident and it will show in your pictures.    When your trying to coordinate some looks for more than  one try picking 3 colors and staying within that color palette or family of colors.  In the example below, you'll see brown, burnt rust color, and a taupe heather grey. Notice not every color has to be on every person but just balanced throughout.  That's not to say that some times this is the case but I want you to know it is okay if it doesn't work out that way. It can be added in with accessories if needed.  Lay the clothes on the floor or on your bed and get a sense of whether they go well together. This will give you an idea of the cohesiveness  and if you need to change something. The family's I photograph always pull it together and I think look great . This is just to help set you more at ease.

I love jeans  , I feel they always look good    with everything dressed up or casual chic !  Here are a few examples of some different looks for a fall family.  Feel free to insert a pair of boots with the dress instead of pumps  if your like me!  It's all fun!