Newborn Foal


The cutest little colt was born here in March  . He's cute as a button  but I will need to get his pictures up sometime soon. He was a tricky one thou! Through all the weeks of me getting up numerous times in the night to check , it caused me to become  delirious with such a lack of sleep. I forced myself to get up at a little past 4am.  As I sleepily walked out to the barn I heard hay rustling  so I started to swiftly move but when I arrived to peer in the stall,  I  could see  I missed his birth by about 20  minutes. Its pretty miraculous to watch  a newborn foal  stand for the first time . They make several attempts and fall down but they just keep on trying and soon they are up . These images are from a day from a few years ago on a quarter horse farm in Cherokee County Georgia  .

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Alex 2013 Sequoyah High School Senior

Meet this weeks senior Alex.... (aka Taylor Swift)... I'll explain in a moment .  She has so many talents its amazing ! She plays the violin , danced since she was 3 , rides horses,etc.....  She really has so much going for her .     I tell you as we were taking her pictures so many of her friendly neighbors were walking by to see how it was going . One of them exclaimed out the window " How's it going , TAYLOR Swift!!! " .  She is beautiful and does remind me of her in a way with her long curly blonde hair . She has her very own personality that I hope I captured to its fullest below. I was so excited for her because she looked so breathtaking being her natural self as we photographed in the fields as the sunset  !   We had so much fun and enjoyed meeting the family and some of the neighbors!  

Alec Cherokee Senior { Canton Georgia Photographer}

Meet Alec. What can I say about this session . It was just awesome .   I have so many images that I like , its hard to pick only a few of my favorites .   Alec is such a great senior I had the pleasure to meet recently.  He drove over in one of the coolest Jeeps around . He did a fantastic job modeling during  the farm scene and also when we headed to town for some urbanistic  images. Alec will be attending college in the fall at GCSU in Milledgeville .    He is an artist with lots of potential and I was able to see his talent in the few minutes he spent drawing. He sketched a beautiful detailed rose in a very short time of our urban shoot.  I really appreciate the artist in people whatever it is .  It 's a gift .

Alec seems ready for whatever comes his way .  He is  easy going ,  has a sense of humor , good friends, and is a great brother to his younger brother; Matt.

Alec you have such a bright future ! Good luck to you in everything you aspire to become .










Words  to Inspire:   If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it. ~ William Arthur Ward