Newborn Photographer Sweet Little Harper

I was blessed to be able to see this precious bundle in the hospital on her first day into this world. I feel so utterly thankful to know her  and capture her first days  as a newborn . Such a sweet little girl and  absolutely beautiful .  She was a long awaited arrival and miracle to these parents and is so loved  by many . Her mommy wanted the pictures to be extra special so we included Daddy's other love with these pictures; it's  his handcrafted custom made  Rhyne guitar  .   It  is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship as well :) .  Harper was so sweet she just cuddled up to that guitar like it was her spot all along.  I'm going to love watching her grow !  


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Jesse 2013 Senior { Canton , Georgia Senior Photographer}

Jesse Class of 2013

Cherokee High School

I loved driving out to Jesse's family farm.  You know I really like it when given the opprotunity to incorporate a seniors style and sense of who they are by their surroundings. Jesse is a really awesome Senior . I mean he drives a black '85 Silverado  with a 6 inch lift! He's had it since he was 13 years old as a project with his dad.   I know, cool!

What else does he do? He rides horses, plays guitar, hunts, & raises chickens on his own!

Thanks Jesse for the fun evening!



Are you In Love????? Atlanta Portrait Photographer




(This was a couple madly and happily in love  above that I photographed . They were steamy! )

I also wanted to share Something Beautiful to Watch..... It sends chills  seeing how passionate they are as they sing this song . I'm such a romantic though so I love this .  You have to watch !

Enjoy this music from The Medium.

Liz Sweet 16

Sweet 16 . I was invited to share in this celebration with Liz at her home  as her Mom and family transformed their country horse barn into a party entertainment spot with country music from the fiddle ,guitars , drums, and cello.  Line dancing and lots of fun with her friends. Dresses, and Miss Daisy Duke attire were the theme with of course a must have pair of cowgirl boots. It's just  not a barn party without the music and the boots to go with the outfit. And if your looking for some flirty or chic dresses and sassy jewelry most of these were found at

So, I enjoyed the party so much as these girls had there fun ,line dancing , singing , and eating some  sweet 16 cake!

It's  one of the most memorable birthdays of your life  and I think Liz's party is something she will always remember as she thinks back.

(The rest of the pictures will be available in 2-3 weeks with a password which you may get from me or Liz's family.)


Here slideshow is available HERE

Tasty Cake vendor: Jill's Cakes in Canton

Ribs: Clet's Ribs

Cute Dresses: