Downtown Canton Georgia Engagement Session Julie + Shaun

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They met playing company league softball . It was just a friendly friendship. She secretly thought he had a crush on her . It turned out he hadn't at the time . He was just genuinely friendly. Months passed and they occasionally would  run into each other.  Eventually over time ,  a first date was requested . They had so much  fun  at Dave and Busters for the first date  . It was just so easy to be with Shaun she said and wanted to keep it going .

The third  date they went to see The Fast and the Furious. It involved an explosion of popcorn . Julie laughs about how she covered Shaun and the immediate rows within 3 rows either side of them with their buttered treat .  She only met to jokingly bump him with her hand and instead it was an immediatly funny site.   It all worked out perfectly and here they are !

Mandy + Scott Engagement . . .

I am really excited to share some of Mandy's photos before she celebrated her beautiful barn engagement party with all her friends and family . You may  remember this gorgeous couple from another session here. These two are playful and fun and I know are going to have the time of their lives. The party was amazing too and can only imagine that there wedding will be one of the most beautiful next year.



Jessica + Bryan

A day like this is rememberable. It doesn't fade quickly

It speaks to the heart.

The way he looked at her. The way she smiled at him. I felt I was witnessing the most special love before my eyes.  Bryan was saying I love you with every glance towards Jessica. Jessica replied with the same affection. Sometimes clients give me inspiration and this was one of those moments seeing how truly happy in love  they were.  It was very sweet.

We decided to have fun in their neighborhood  then head to the park for some celebrating and relaxing underneath the big oak trees with a picnic . What were they celebrating besides their love for one another? It was  little Tatum.  You can see his post and pictures HERE from his newborn shoot.    He's  such a perfect addition to their family and you can tell life is good!














Words to Inspire:   Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.

~Robert Frost

Jodie & Casey { Atlanta Canton Georgia Family Photography}

This was a really fun session with Jodie & Casey.  I was so happy she contacted me to do a session for them and some of  her family . They are really easy to get along  and a very sweet couple married for three years now.  I can tell that they are very happily in love and that they care tremendously for one another . Thank you so much for having me spend the evening  capturing some care free moments of you & Casey!  I can't wait to show you the rest and the ones of you with your sisters.

{p.s. Jodie is a teacher so I hope she doesn't grade me on my writing skills:) }

Update this couple found out shortly after that they would be expecting a baby July 2012!