Little babies

In case your wondering I do love little babies.

They bring us radiant joy

Their soft touch and warmth gives confidence in our heart

We are reminded of the newness of life

We gather hope in their smiles

Faith  in their eyes

They strenghthen a mothers love to all enduring heights

We hold them close when tragedy is near.

They teach us lessons unlearned .

They live in  wonder

They make us cry then laugh  in a nano second in the most whimsical ways.

We love their  peaceful slumber  yet miss them as they rest.

But all the goodness that comes from such babes keeps us young .

They shall be a miracle  that never stops learning   , growing , and loving  .



Tatum. A "Hunk O' Love" newborn size. { Virginia Highlands Newborn Photographer }

This session took place in the very  charming area of  Virginia Highlands.   Its such a amazing town in the city, yet you feel like you accidently found it.  The roads are full of 1920's homes, tree lined streets ,  and  eclectic character .   I really liked it. What made it even better is I got  to photograph a baby boy of 5 weeks ! He was getting all his baby dimples and adorable roundness.  This little boy was such a sweetheart and oh so adorable.    I couldn't of been happier to meet his fabulous parents .   I was greeted with sounds of  Elvis music   that Tatum seemed to like more than the white noise :) . I don't blame him though, as I 'm sure he had been hearing it 9 months before his birth and who doesn't like a little rockabilly Elvis anyway?

He did extremely well for being a bit older for his newborn photo shoot and was really aware of things going on  around him just as he should but we were patient and I can't wait to share them with you!



Little plush vintagey bunny from Anthropologie. {{LOVE}




Loved so Tender



Loved so True




Tatum you look so peaceful and are loved so much by your parents.  You are a marvel!



Tatum Oliver Duncan Slideshow