Newborn Photographer

Baby Toby {Alpharetta Newborn Photographer}

I can't tell you how sweet  this little  girl is . Toby at only 11 days old.

She did a perfectly wonderful job  and she reminds me of why I love doing this   .


There are moments which mark your life.

Moments when you realize nothing will ever be the same

and time is divided into two parts,

before this,

and after this…

{John Hobbes }




Meet a New Lil' Girl ....... { Atlanta & Seattle Newborn Photographer}


The  long awaited arrival of a sweet little newborn always seems to be anticipated by all.  This particular pretty little newborn arrival was extra special  because she is my little niece named after our grandmother who has meant so many things to me during my life. I traveled  4 days after her arrival to north of Seattle amongst the San Juan Islands where I grew up  and of course  so excited to meet  Alice.  Wait until you see her hair! (Warning ...some may be jealous!)  I enjoyed being with her and getting to know her,even the late night wakings!  It's certain she has amazing  parents who very much adore her and think the world of her! (Keep up the awesome parenting! )

During the week,   we waited   for good light without the crispness of fall and nicer weather.   Everything worked out great even though it was a little breezy  but luckily for Alice  she is warm natured so she was perfectly fine in a cozy blanket once mom & I  walked her to sleep.  I believe this was the longest newborn session I've done at about 4 hours with her appetite.  It was worth every minute!

Your Auntie loves you Alice!


A Star is born…….. { Atlanta Canton Newborn Photographer }


Sawyer  + Mom = Fun.  I could photograph little boys like this everyday.    This little guy is so  sweet and laid back .   I guess that's why  he wanted to wait  until after his due date to say hello to the world. Well, he was definitely worth the wait.  At  9 days old here he is.....

Did I mention how sweet he is?????

Newborn Seminar & Newborn Posing { Atlanta Newborn Photographer}


I had a fantastic time at the Art Business & Charm of Newborn Photography Seminar with the very talented portrait photographer Mary Buck and the amazingly inspiring Kyle Hitcock. Mary instucted us on the business side with all the particulars of a newborn business right down to selling, pricing,  and techniques. Next , Kyle showed us her charm as she put a baby to sleep with her sweet touch and "baby whispering ways"  . She is amazing to watch as she rolled the newborns into their  curly cute newborn poses and graciously let everyone take their own photos.  I will post some here later out of respect for Kyle after I know she has posted her amazing images for the proud parents. Here are just a few of the behind the scene's as Kyle worked her magic. Thank you so much for both photographers passion for sharing and teaching .

Kyle and her whispering ways...

Mary Buck sells the background and set on her Nuovo Amore Newborn props website.