Love story

Downtown Canton Georgia Engagement Session Julie + Shaun

EngagementbecciphotographyJ S-7b.jpg

They met playing company league softball . It was just a friendly friendship. She secretly thought he had a crush on her . It turned out he hadn't at the time . He was just genuinely friendly. Months passed and they occasionally would  run into each other.  Eventually over time ,  a first date was requested . They had so much  fun  at Dave and Busters for the first date  . It was just so easy to be with Shaun she said and wanted to keep it going .

The third  date they went to see The Fast and the Furious. It involved an explosion of popcorn . Julie laughs about how she covered Shaun and the immediate rows within 3 rows either side of them with their buttered treat .  She only met to jokingly bump him with her hand and instead it was an immediatly funny site.   It all worked out perfectly and here they are !

Jodie & Casey { Atlanta Canton Georgia Family Photography}

This was a really fun session with Jodie & Casey.  I was so happy she contacted me to do a session for them and some of  her family . They are really easy to get along  and a very sweet couple married for three years now.  I can tell that they are very happily in love and that they care tremendously for one another . Thank you so much for having me spend the evening  capturing some care free moments of you & Casey!  I can't wait to show you the rest and the ones of you with your sisters.

{p.s. Jodie is a teacher so I hope she doesn't grade me on my writing skills:) }

Update this couple found out shortly after that they would be expecting a baby July 2012!