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Ware Family Canton Family Photographer


This family rolled in  and one by one ecstatically climbed out of the car ready for their photo session.  The girls were beautifully poised and I could see their faces soften into a genuine smile as I greeted them .    So sweet I couldn't help but sigh at how cute they were.  Their glances and flashes of smiles made me smile too! Boys , lets face it ,  are usually  a little not as eager to meet me, but one was my ol' friend at this session   so he kindly gave me a big grin  and was ready to go  see what I had in planned. I noticed how his new brother  looked  up to him .  Although, definitely he had his own style and personality too .   This new family , I would never had guessed meshed together within the year and are very bonded .  I am so happy to see the happiness on this mom's face she has so deserved!

They also own In Their Honor Transports .  A very honorable service for a   loved one during a time of grief.  Check them out on Facebook too

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truck , family ,atlanta_canton_woodstock_family_photographerbest_family_photographertruck , family ,boys_brothers_photographyAnd just look at this Happy couple! love_photography_atlanta engagement_photography_atlanta_fieldsRomantic_photographytruck , family ,



Tree Farm Family Photography Session Wallace Family

It's the last of December and catching up on a few end of the year sessions . It  was chilly but the kids were troopers and bundled in some blankets to warm up again.   This family session took place at our nearby tree farm  .  Its a beautiful setting and a ton of trees to choose from . They even offered Tractor rides and Santa visits on the weekends .  If your hungry you can get yourself a toasted twinkie too or a cup of hot cider .  I really enjoyed capturing this  family and their  playful children .  They seem to adore each other and laugh and play a lot !Wallace_family_Becci_Photography_Tree_Farm


The Chester Family ……………………..{Cherokee County Canton Georgia Family Photography}

The Chester family wanted a fall session before all the leaves fell to the ground. The weather is still being beautiful these days and a cold snap has changed the leaves into their firecracker reds, yellows, & oranges but I have a feeling its all coming to an end soon.  The Chester family wanted a fall session before all the leaves fell to the ground. Christy has a great family & we decided to start off  taking some photos of their two very handsome teenage boys  first.   Then we went for  a walk for some more photos in a pasture  with more family  which you may think they look familiar.... Its  Christy's brother and Jodie who I photographed  a few days before . Enjoy !