Bryce & Elyse { Jasper , Georgia Children's Photographer }

I love it so much when I get to photograph clients as they grow . I can't believe that this is the 3rd time I've photographed this beautiful family . Elyse. .... let's say she is a firecracker !  I love her . She can be the most beautiful serene girl  and in a moment be climbing trees and hanging upside down, and is always giggling  !  Next time I'm climbing the tree with her . :)

Bryce . He is handsome and has the most adorable boyish grin .  He is all about the adventure , exploring and creating his own tree fort in the woods  .  He loves his dogs and has the best laugh!



 If you carry your childhood with you , you never become older ~Tom Stoppard

Miles is Loved

Here's a little guy that will make you smile .  He's just 9 months old and loving life.   His stylish  little sweater was hand knitted from grandma !   Mom brought a  horse to the session too! He was a bay with a flaxen maine.  Well,  okay , he's not the real kind but it was so cute  and belonged to her as a little girl . Her grandfather handcrafted it and it survived a fire only a few years ago.

Lucky  you Miles, I can see your parents adore you to pieces !

I love how sweet he looks here!

HE loves this!

Those blue eyes! 


The Chester Family ……………………..{Cherokee County Canton Georgia Family Photography}

The Chester family wanted a fall session before all the leaves fell to the ground. The weather is still being beautiful these days and a cold snap has changed the leaves into their firecracker reds, yellows, & oranges but I have a feeling its all coming to an end soon.  The Chester family wanted a fall session before all the leaves fell to the ground. Christy has a great family & we decided to start off  taking some photos of their two very handsome teenage boys  first.   Then we went for  a walk for some more photos in a pasture  with more family  which you may think they look familiar.... Its  Christy's brother and Jodie who I photographed  a few days before . Enjoy !