Ethan {Marietta Children's Photographer}

Ethan arrived a little sleepy but that didn't last too long as he was off and running in no time. .  He was ready to  explore everything from lakes  and fields and my camera was ready! He even spotted deer tracks which lead us on a search for the deer .  Ethan's Dad was part of the session too who has been jumping out of airplanes lately!  UHMMM, really truly! He had just finished another adrenaline  jump last week. These two are just the perfect pair &  you can tell Ethan is very loved and looks up to his Daddy! Enjoy!  



You haven't seen a tree until you've seen its shadow from the sky. ~Amelia Earhart


Brown Hat

My youngest son  turned 11 . It seems impossible . Time really moves quickly .  So before it gets away another day I wanted to take some pictures of what he's into lately. He acquired a brown cowboy hat from a friend of the family and wears it most days.  He whittles wood , plays with his puppy, sells lemonade,  and all the other boy stuff in it. He's pretty proud of that hat  and the scruff that came with it.  Slightly tattered and a few marks from its voyage to get to where it is now.  But really , I can't think of anyone better that could fill its brim with such a boy. My boy. Your the pride of a mother's  heart.

Love you xoxo!




Conner Creekview Senior {Georgia Senior Portraits}


Meet Conner! I have known this gentleman since he was about 9 years old so I was so happy he asked me to do his senior portraits.   We went  on a hiking trail  for part of the session since  that is  one of his favorite things to do. He climbed rocks and trees and crossed the water  so  I could get some of the shots we wanted .

Here are a few things to know about Conner:

He is outspoken and kind.

He plays soccer for Creekview High School and I think he is very good.  I know he has travelled to play  in other countries  in the past like Puerto Rico.

He is an Uncle.

He likes camping, hiking , and working out .

Ohhh , and he loves food.   I hear he can even make some mean pesto.







Conner Senior slideshow Here