Newborn Seminar & Newborn Posing { Atlanta Newborn Photographer}


I had a fantastic time at the Art Business & Charm of Newborn Photography Seminar with the very talented portrait photographer Mary Buck and the amazingly inspiring Kyle Hitcock. Mary instucted us on the business side with all the particulars of a newborn business right down to selling, pricing,  and techniques. Next , Kyle showed us her charm as she put a baby to sleep with her sweet touch and "baby whispering ways"  . She is amazing to watch as she rolled the newborns into their  curly cute newborn poses and graciously let everyone take their own photos.  I will post some here later out of respect for Kyle after I know she has posted her amazing images for the proud parents. Here are just a few of the behind the scene's as Kyle worked her magic. Thank you so much for both photographers passion for sharing and teaching .

Kyle and her whispering ways...

Mary Buck sells the background and set on her Nuovo Amore Newborn props website.

Rebecca BONNO

Senior and Newborn photography in the Atlanta Area. I want to take the best photo you’ve seen of yourself .