Memories on the Tree


Decorate your tree with smiling faces of your loved ones framed in a darling frame . These ornaments come in Red, black , and creamy white  and in  four shapes of hanging Boutique Frame Ornaments.

Shapes Rustica and Cottoage  come in horizontal or vertical openings for a 2.5x 3.5  size or Port and Loft can hold a 3x3 square  size.  They also come with two hanging options , You can choose to hang the Ornament with the natural twine hanger or just use the metal hanger to hang the small frame on a wall. Best idea yet would be to hang on the tree then enjoy it on the wall the rest of the year .  Email me for pricing and options.

Rebecca BONNO

Senior and Newborn photography in the Atlanta Area. I want to take the best photo you’ve seen of yourself .