Little Kisses Mini Albums

Isn't it fun to look through an album  of pictures  of your loved ones.  I know in this day a lot of people want the digital images and i think that is great ! Even just to have those to keep safe . But when you want something to see and touch in an instant or to share  albums are such a  beautiful thing to see . I love these little mini albums from Kiss . These are the "Mini" Kisses . They are the cutest little things and come in a 4x4 size  with a custom dust cover so they fit so easily in your purse or bag but stay protected . Some of the greatest features are the pages are quite sturdy and  with the softest buttery 100% leather ,  lay-flat binding, the pages are vibrant  and are real true photographic  prints . NOT press printed so they are just gorgeous !  You want to know the coolest  thing......  they come in a set of 2! So that makes it easy to share with anyone else you would like to give as a gift.

They are the perfect idea for showing off your baby , family , or your high school senior !  They  come in some  fun colors as well as your tried and true black or white leather.  I hope you'll take a look!

I know you want a kiss now !



Rebecca BONNO

Senior and Newborn photography in the Atlanta Area. I want to take the best photo you’ve seen of yourself .