Mini Sessions In the Pacific Northwest


I'm excited to tell you about the Beach Mini sessions I'll be offering in the Pacific Northwest or Apple orchard depending on client   . Its promised to be an amazing location for pictures with the ones you love . Contact me for all the details.

Mini_beach becci Photography

WHEN: Mid October Dates Times will be in the afternoon and at dusk

WHERE:  Amazing Anacortes location beach { think  sand , rocks,  trees } or Apple orchard

WHO:  Family (Up to 5)  , Kids, Seniors  , Baby, People in love!

WHAT:   30 min session & you will get a digital download of 15  your  best images .

Full sessions available by request . A full session lasts about 1.5 hr to 2 hr  & would  include minimum 40- 50  digital images These are good for families that want more time and may want  a different location.

Oct 14th Washington Mini Session

Oct 17th Washington Full /Mini Session

Grand Cenote in Mexico


To swim in a cenote is amazing and somewhat scary for a first time  .  They have so much beauty with its crystal blue waters that lead into mysterious underground caves and tunnels . The long reaching  trees and vines reach up into a jungle to the surface  where the ground breaks open  and lets rays of sunshine down,  into the nourishing  vitamin rich waters.   The scary part was the fact that little tiny bats hung in the rock formations while swimming through a tunnel.   My fear is always that  a bat is going to get stuck in my crazy curly hair !  They didn' t seem to bother anyone thou and seemed playful  as they flew across the waters horizon. There are estimated to be over 7,000 cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula alone .  These are limestone formations that are created over years and years of rainfall . When the roof of a water filled cave falls in a cenote is created .  Some have freshwater , some are salt and others have both . The water feels clean and refreshing on a hot day.

The Mayans considered these Cenotes as very sacred with healing properties.  Then word Cenote comes from the  Mayan word ,dzonot, which its meaning is   "sacred well".  Cenote's  were excellent sources for the Mayans to gather their  fresh water and often formed their civilizations around them.  They believed the cenote' s to  be a  gateway to the underworld and a way to communicate with the sacred gods.

This Cenote was not too crowded and absolutely beautiful .


grande_Cenote_Becci_Photography2015-06-01_0002Mexico_Cenote_Becci_PhotographyCenote Mexico gran Cenote



I am heading out for a much needed vacation. I can not express how excited I am to hang out with my favorite person, my husband,  in  Tulum, Mexico for 10 glorious days! I am excited for the adventures and memories we will make , and mostly  spending time just being us. No tv, no phones , no computer.  I will  rest, read ,  and relax on one of the most beautiful beaches  in the world.  Here I come Mexico! ( iphone photo ) mexico photo-8

Georgia Peach Salsa with Napa Valley St Helena Olive Oil


I love when its peach season and Georgia truly grows some of the best peaches I've ever tasted.   They even taste amazing in this Peach Salsa I made with some of the tomatoes from our  garden and fresh peaches from the corner fruit stand . It's made with one of my favorite things from Napa's  St Helena Olive Oil Company Jalapeno olive oil.  Maybe I'm partial to this olive oil because I was able to taste it fresh while in Napa.   Its the best combination of spicy and sweet I think !  Recipe below :).class"pinthis"




2 Peaches ( I've substituted  Mango's sometimes  )

1/2 bunch fresh cilantro

1 Cup Georgia Vidala onion ( Up to 1 1/2 cup depending on taste)

1 Jalapeno pepper chopped

2 medium tomatoes

1 teaspoon Balsamic White Wine Vinegar ( or use favorite wine )

2 Tablespoons St Helena's Olive Oil Jalapeno

Add Salt


Prepare Salsa.  Chop Tomatoes and peaches into small pieces .

Cup pepper in half and remove seeds . Chop finely .

Chop cilantro and place all into a small bowl .

Chop or dice onions  and add to mix.

Gently drizzle vinegar and Olive oil into salsa.

Mix lightly ,  serve with chips .

This also  tastes amazing with grilled chicken or  pork tenderloin.