Seniorologie Shoot out Nashville Part 2

Here are a few more from the Seniorologie Shoot out  That I posted the other day . I love how these models were so glamourous  and also timeless.  


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Lenny & Eva Jewelry What to Wear { Premier Senior Portrait Photographer Atlanta Georgia}



Lenny & Eva  Jewelry line is a popular accessory I see woman and girls  wear and even to there portrait sessions. Lenny & Eva  is based on the concept of self-expression and creating unique and personal jewelry pieces.  It is poetic , unique and for every girl or woman who creates , dreams, believes , and inspires  . For the free spirit and the courageous .   Lenny and Eva jewelry  has so many options of bracelets  leather cuffs, necklaces and charms to create your very  own style and personalize a jewelry piece that is unique to the individual  . Its a mix of urban chic and bohemian style with a bit of  retro flare . Their combinations of braided leather or thick and thin cuffs,  beads , and metal help you create  your own jewelry piece .


Lenny and Eva jewlery is most known for their  many inspirational quotes that can be interchanged with the different bead  combinations and leather.  They even have a line for the young girls that is adorable with sayings like " I love you to the moon and back " .





Go take a look at their collections  online and my most adored  place to pick one up is at  B loved  in Canton,  Georgia . Get one for you or a friend as they make a great gift  and it can always be added to or changed around to make another jewelry piece.

Lenny and Eva jewelry  is    :

This is for the one who has found her way, and the one who is still searching

For the one who counts her blessings, and who is a blessing to others.

This is for the dreamer, and the dancer and the music maker

For the one brave enough to jump, and the one still standing on the edge.

This is for the one who takes the path, and for the one who creates her own.

For the one who fights, believes, Creates, and inspires

This is for YOU.



Senior South Forsyth High School Photographer Savannah



Class of 2013

South Forsyth High School

Such an amazing senior ! I loved doing her senior photographs  . Her personality in the photos was stunning . She let me see right to her and I loved the sass she added to this session by being herself and the smiles that lit up her face!


Hair Styles, Braids, & Do's

Hair . Its a girls best friend but like it or not somedays  it can be ridiculous! I know , believe me I have curly , unruly hair at times.  So , I decided  to give you some ideas to keep the saying going " It's a good hair day."    WE love to talk hair don't we ? If there's nothing to talk about  a girl can always strike up a conversation about hair and we instantly become completely enamored about the conversation.  From hair   styles  to hair products .  And I know some of the girls out there especially the senior girls are always looking for some hair ideas for  inspiration.  You can always go check out my Hair board on Pinterest  for some fun, useful ,  or even romantic ideas .  


For a basic and very simple tutorial on hair curling  This is a good One from Sydney. Of course you'll have to change some things depending on your hair type . My hair is already curly and quite full but when I want to have smoother large curls I do this method spraying with some setting lotion first and curling with a 1 .5 inch barrel , then smooth with a styling smoother paste like this one to set the curl with less stickiness and more movement.  The best advice I can give for curling is to start in the middle of the strand up more towards the crown of the hair and curl away from the front of your face or back .  I hold the iron there and then lossen it as I move down the hair  creating a large curl  . The curl seems to last longer this way .

Here is a good video if you want gorgeous curls all over for something like Homecoming, prom ,  or awesome hair for your photo session! This tutorial is from Luxy Hair.  

One of my favorite looks is the waterfall braid . It can look boho chic,romantic , or curled for a dressed up style for Homecoming and too.


via Here

via here

I also like the waterfall with a finish in the center with a Rope Braid!

Another pretty style is the FishTale  Braid


Here's a pretty messy style bun I love .

check out some  other hair tutorial do's via

Sequoyah Chiefs Softball Team Seniors Cherokee County

Some of my favorite Senior High girls (xo Number 7)  ! They are fun, competitive , and tough! This was such a fun session !  Really Imaginative theme of the show Survivor.  This session was  imagined by one creative Mom who thought of this for the team . The inspiration was all pulled together  inside  a tunnel with lit torches at about 9:30 at night after there ball game .  They were fired up !

Watch out  ! Here's to you Chiefs!

Liz & Chandler 2013 Sequoyah High Cherokee High School Senior Photographer { Canton Georgia }

It was a steamy 94 degrees here in Georgia  but  it  was soooooooo fun with these country girls! Cowboy boots and lace ... check.

Hair , fashion makeup,  dresses .... check.

Antique Bed along a country barbed wire fence , sunflowers, Quilts.... check

School desk ..... check

Cars, Dump truck & Tractor ... check (yes... I did say DUMP TRUCK!)

Boat  for hunting and fishing....... check

Confident  excited  senior  girls .... check, check !!!

Liz and Chandler are cousins and really wanted to do this special senior session together.  I think I first met Liz  when she was around 12 Years old. She was so mature and sure of herself even then at her young age. She has become more beautiful  everytime I see her.  Her family is so sweet and I know they all love her and Chandler so much. I can only imagine what fun they are having at this moment looking at this blog to see their post!  They laugh a lot , joke around, and just have a good time .

Wow! I knew this was going to be an awesome session. See for yourself . ...