I am heading out for a much needed vacation. I can not express how excited I am to hang out with my favorite person, my husband,  in  Tulum, Mexico for 10 glorious days! I am excited for the adventures and memories we will make , and mostly  spending time just being us. No tv, no phones , no computer.  I will  rest, read ,  and relax on one of the most beautiful beaches  in the world.  Here I come Mexico! ( iphone photo ) mexico photo-8

Outer Banks Cole 2014 Senior

Cole Creekview High School Dual Enrollment At Kennesaw State University This is my amazing and handsome son, Cole . We were able to take a vacation right before school started to Kitty Hawk , North Carolina . Its a beautiful beach with rows of houses right on the water . We had a great time finding some places on the beach and throught the beach town . I'm so proud of all the accomlishments Cole has achieved and look forward to whats to come . Love you son!  

2014-09-03_0004.jpgsenior_photographer_Atlanta_Outer_banks senior_photographer_Atlanta_Outer_banks

Georgia Peach Salsa with Napa Valley St Helena Olive Oil


I love when its peach season and Georgia truly grows some of the best peaches I've ever tasted.   They even taste amazing in this Peach Salsa I made with some of the tomatoes from our  garden and fresh peaches from the corner fruit stand . It's made with one of my favorite things from Napa's  St Helena Olive Oil Company Jalapeno olive oil.  Maybe I'm partial to this olive oil because I was able to taste it fresh while in Napa.   Its the best combination of spicy and sweet I think !  Recipe below :).class"pinthis"




2 Peaches ( I've substituted  Mango's sometimes  )

1/2 bunch fresh cilantro

1 Cup Georgia Vidala onion ( Up to 1 1/2 cup depending on taste)

1 Jalapeno pepper chopped

2 medium tomatoes

1 teaspoon Balsamic White Wine Vinegar ( or use favorite wine )

2 Tablespoons St Helena's Olive Oil Jalapeno

Add Salt


Prepare Salsa.  Chop Tomatoes and peaches into small pieces .

Cup pepper in half and remove seeds . Chop finely .

Chop cilantro and place all into a small bowl .

Chop or dice onions  and add to mix.

Gently drizzle vinegar and Olive oil into salsa.

Mix lightly ,  serve with chips .

This also  tastes amazing with grilled chicken or  pork tenderloin.


Napa Valley Horses .......Napa Valley Photographer

I often get asked , "Do you ever get to take pictures for you?"  Why yes I do ! I have volumes of pictures but I don't find  much time to share them  with you.   One of my goals is to do this more often and let you see some of my personal photos I create for myself . One of the things I love without a doubt  are horses.  So when my husband and I were in Napa Valley for my 40th Birthday  , I saw a small heard of those majestic animals off of the road . I wanted him to pull over so I could pet them  and take some pictures.

I tend to do this a lot ... randomly exclaim any of the various outbursts in no specific order:  " Oh look ! Wait ....stop.....  can you pull over ?! " Sam's always such a sport and does of course . I can't count the times we've made numerous u-turns all legal I'm sure ;).

So here are a few that I took right off the road in beautiful Napa Valley   on our way to Calistoga .

001_untitled shoot-6720001_untitled shoot-6726

Contact me if you are ever thinking about destination travel .

Imaging Usa 2013 Inspiration and Learning Atlanta Georgia

I 'm up late the night before my first class of Imaging USA . I 'm really excited and wonder if I'll get a good nights  sleep .   Wondering , what do I wear , what do I bring , etc. etc.  Probably a lot like some seniors when they are thinking about their senior portraits but this is about  learning , networking , marketing, and vendor relations.  But still , What should I wear ..... :) ... a girls gotta look good , right?! I'm starting off my first class  with Kia Bondrant  a  Senior portrait Artist ( SPA) . I have admired and  watched her for a few years,  first seeing her on Photo Vision.  Her senior portraits are amazing . After seeing her in action she has such an easy flow about her into posing seniors so they look their very best.  I am thrilled to be able to spend time in her class and learn directly from her all day tomorrow.      I hope to come back with so many tips  to help my seniors with their style and to make them look even more fabulous than they are already!

I'll be getting inspiration from some of the best in the industry not only seniors but  family, and  newborns as well .  As I have said before , I love learning and I can't wait for the next  five days !   All I need is a notebook , ipad, iphone , business cards,  Luna bars, water, snacks, and  parking money !

Watch out , here I come Imaging Usa!