Bryce & Elyse { Jasper , Georgia Children's Photographer }

I love it so much when I get to photograph clients as they grow . I can't believe that this is the 3rd time I've photographed this beautiful family . Elyse. .... let's say she is a firecracker !  I love her . She can be the most beautiful serene girl  and in a moment be climbing trees and hanging upside down, and is always giggling  !  Next time I'm climbing the tree with her . :)

Bryce . He is handsome and has the most adorable boyish grin .  He is all about the adventure , exploring and creating his own tree fort in the woods  .  He loves his dogs and has the best laugh!



 If you carry your childhood with you , you never become older ~Tom Stoppard

Pink Monster Birthday Bash 2 years old!

If you were in the pacific northwest this day you may have heard there was a special birthday about to be celebrated . This was a birthday bash like no other! I traveled to Washington to celebrate with my 2 year old niece, Alice, who shares the same cherished name as my Grandmother whom I love dear:) .  Her first  party was Alice in "One-derland". . ..  So this party had to live up to some serious clout !  I thought it was so perfect and beautiful as always with my talented sister's mad skills to create a party! Take a look at all the fun inspired by a girls love for Pink monsters, Yo Gabba Gabba , and a mother's creativity !


Wreath and Monster embellishments in Etsy shoppe  via withloveruthiebug or contact her for special order


Monster Pom Poms! 


My sister makes the best Monster  Cake Pops!