Mustard Seed Mission trip For the Children love and prayers

My courageous son is 14 years old and has decided to make  a thoughtful  commitment to help the children in Jamaica that have disabilities  or health issues and have been abandoned by their parents . His eagerness to help  makes me so proud .  In the beginning , honestly, I thought this would just be too hard .  I selfishly was reluctant . I didn't know how he could make this happen but he has been so  diligent and continued to ask me if he could participate .   I decided if he had so much faith that I could too and am praying for his success to raise $950 for the children .   He will be traveling June 6th - June 13th  with  a group from our church. They will beOur goal is to serve the children by sharing our love and companionship . Sometimes he will be helping with feeding children and daily care  . He will also complete work projects to improve the quality of life for the residents from landscaping , repairs , painting , and construction.  Whatever is needed they will be there to help.  If you could please help him  it would be so appreciated .  You can click on the link below or go directly to his page at the Mustard Seed site to donate to this cause.  Also , please comment if you could commit to praying for him while on this trip please. It would mean the world to us! Thank you so much!!!

Jesus said in Matthew 17:20, “I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”



Newborn Foal


The cutest little colt was born here in March  . He's cute as a button  but I will need to get his pictures up sometime soon. He was a tricky one thou! Through all the weeks of me getting up numerous times in the night to check , it caused me to become  delirious with such a lack of sleep. I forced myself to get up at a little past 4am.  As I sleepily walked out to the barn I heard hay rustling  so I started to swiftly move but when I arrived to peer in the stall,  I  could see  I missed his birth by about 20  minutes. Its pretty miraculous to watch  a newborn foal  stand for the first time . They make several attempts and fall down but they just keep on trying and soon they are up . These images are from a day from a few years ago on a quarter horse farm in Cherokee County Georgia  .

coltMarch15-0208coltMarch15-0210coltMarch15-0227coltMarch15-0236coltMarch15-0238Annies coltday2-0299

Outer Banks Cole 2014 Senior

Cole Creekview High School Dual Enrollment At Kennesaw State University This is my amazing and handsome son, Cole . We were able to take a vacation right before school started to Kitty Hawk , North Carolina . Its a beautiful beach with rows of houses right on the water . We had a great time finding some places on the beach and throught the beach town . I'm so proud of all the accomlishments Cole has achieved and look forward to whats to come . Love you son!  

2014-09-03_0004.jpgsenior_photographer_Atlanta_Outer_banks senior_photographer_Atlanta_Outer_banks

The Light That Shines . Feeling Beauty on the Inside


This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and a magnificent story. Its an  important story about a strong woman survivor  because it reminds us to  feel beautiful inside. I hope you watch , remember, and not forget .  This was made possible because of the big heart of Sue Bryce ,Portrait Photographer of the year in Australia,  and the video magic from Hailey Bartholomew a documentary called The Light that Shines


On a mobile device? Watch video here. 

The Light That Shines from hailey bartholomew on Vimeo.