Glamour and Glitter Senior Photography Seniorologie Nashville Photographer Ellie Part 3


This senior shoot involved lots of glamour and glitter at the Seniorologie Shoot out .  The natural light flooded in on the sequin backdrop  and lit Ellie perfectly making her shine !  Her apricot ruffled dress was flawlessly beautiful just as she was .  I loved every bit of her smile and style ! Here's Ellie! Glamour_Senior _photogrpahysession_becci_Photographyalexandraalexandraprom

Seniorologie Shoot out Nashville Part 2

Here are a few more from the Seniorologie Shoot out  That I posted the other day . I love how these models were so glamourous  and also timeless.  


alexandra alexandra alexandra alexandra


Seniorologie Nashville Shoot Out Part 1

A few months back I had an incredible experience with the Seniorologie crew to photograph some beautiful senior models , hang out ,  & learn in a really hip studio, !     It was my first time to meet Leslie Kerrigan, Brittney Kluse ( from my corner of the world, Washington State) , and Courtney DeLaura.  All three really seemed passionate about their work  and styled these girls with the Music city princess , Taylor Swift , theme .  It was definitely a hoot hanging out with these amazing women in Nashville! It was so fun and inspiring to meet so many photographers from around the country !  Many that I was in awe about of their talent !  One of the really fun things was to go over studio lighting . I haven't used mine in several years so it was a bit to remember again but so exciting to give it a try again . We had various styles to shoot and would do it again in a heartbeat !

Here is a sample  of a few of Julia and Hallynd. alexandra

alexandra alexandra

alexandra alexandra

alexandra alexandra


The Light That Shines . Feeling Beauty on the Inside


This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and a magnificent story. Its an  important story about a strong woman survivor  because it reminds us to  feel beautiful inside. I hope you watch , remember, and not forget .  This was made possible because of the big heart of Sue Bryce ,Portrait Photographer of the year in Australia,  and the video magic from Hailey Bartholomew a documentary called The Light that Shines


On a mobile device? Watch video here. 

The Light That Shines from hailey bartholomew on Vimeo.

Imaging Usa 2013 Inspiration and Learning Atlanta Georgia

I 'm up late the night before my first class of Imaging USA . I 'm really excited and wonder if I'll get a good nights  sleep .   Wondering , what do I wear , what do I bring , etc. etc.  Probably a lot like some seniors when they are thinking about their senior portraits but this is about  learning , networking , marketing, and vendor relations.  But still , What should I wear ..... :) ... a girls gotta look good , right?! I'm starting off my first class  with Kia Bondrant  a  Senior portrait Artist ( SPA) . I have admired and  watched her for a few years,  first seeing her on Photo Vision.  Her senior portraits are amazing . After seeing her in action she has such an easy flow about her into posing seniors so they look their very best.  I am thrilled to be able to spend time in her class and learn directly from her all day tomorrow.      I hope to come back with so many tips  to help my seniors with their style and to make them look even more fabulous than they are already!

I'll be getting inspiration from some of the best in the industry not only seniors but  family, and  newborns as well .  As I have said before , I love learning and I can't wait for the next  five days !   All I need is a notebook , ipad, iphone , business cards,  Luna bars, water, snacks, and  parking money !

Watch out , here I come Imaging Usa!