Newborn Foal


The cutest little colt was born here in March  . He's cute as a button  but I will need to get his pictures up sometime soon. He was a tricky one thou! Through all the weeks of me getting up numerous times in the night to check , it caused me to become  delirious with such a lack of sleep. I forced myself to get up at a little past 4am.  As I sleepily walked out to the barn I heard hay rustling  so I started to swiftly move but when I arrived to peer in the stall,  I  could see  I missed his birth by about 20  minutes. Its pretty miraculous to watch  a newborn foal  stand for the first time . They make several attempts and fall down but they just keep on trying and soon they are up . These images are from a day from a few years ago on a quarter horse farm in Cherokee County Georgia  .

coltMarch15-0208coltMarch15-0210coltMarch15-0227coltMarch15-0236coltMarch15-0238Annies coltday2-0299

Napa Valley Horses .......Napa Valley Photographer

I often get asked , "Do you ever get to take pictures for you?"  Why yes I do ! I have volumes of pictures but I don't find  much time to share them  with you.   One of my goals is to do this more often and let you see some of my personal photos I create for myself . One of the things I love without a doubt  are horses.  So when my husband and I were in Napa Valley for my 40th Birthday  , I saw a small heard of those majestic animals off of the road . I wanted him to pull over so I could pet them  and take some pictures.

I tend to do this a lot ... randomly exclaim any of the various outbursts in no specific order:  " Oh look ! Wait ....stop.....  can you pull over ?! " Sam's always such a sport and does of course . I can't count the times we've made numerous u-turns all legal I'm sure ;).

So here are a few that I took right off the road in beautiful Napa Valley   on our way to Calistoga .

001_untitled shoot-6720001_untitled shoot-6726

Contact me if you are ever thinking about destination travel .

Jesse 2013 Senior { Canton , Georgia Senior Photographer}

Jesse Class of 2013

Cherokee High School

I loved driving out to Jesse's family farm.  You know I really like it when given the opprotunity to incorporate a seniors style and sense of who they are by their surroundings. Jesse is a really awesome Senior . I mean he drives a black '85 Silverado  with a 6 inch lift! He's had it since he was 13 years old as a project with his dad.   I know, cool!

What else does he do? He rides horses, plays guitar, hunts, & raises chickens on his own!

Thanks Jesse for the fun evening!




I live across from a beautiful quarter horse farm .  I feel blessed to be able to see it everyday and the horses grazing happily on their piece of  paradise .  I was on my way to run errands a few days ago and Barbie , a mare I've watched since she was born , was with her very first sweet baby Colt  by the fence with Annie , another mare,  close by. I pulled over as I sometimes do and called the littl' colt over . I got some good scratchin on him . They all love the attention .   Soon Barbie followed and I shared some horse love with her as always.  Patiently, Annie waited and then came in for her petting .  I love the talk of horses and their gentle eyes speak so much. . . . She pinned her ears back slowly to show the others it was her time now. They obliged with no problem stepping back to allow her space.   I pat her and rubbed her, stroked her pretty mane until she was  satisfied before going back to eating  her lush spring pasture.  She was due to give birth any day and has always been a good mothering horse .  Well, my heart broke a little yesterday because I heard the news she is not with us any longer . I know she had her paradise on earth on that beautiful farm with the best care & love. Annie , we'll miss you .

Somewhere in time's own space
There must be some sweet pastured place
where creeks sing on and tall trees grow
Some paradise where horses go,
For by the love that guides my pen
I know great horses live again.~ Stanely Harrison