Magnolia Hall Wedding Woodstock Cynthia + Wayne Georgia


Two amazing people found each other one  Thanksgiving day . It was a date and was almost called off twice.   Little did they know that their  lives would  eventually  navigate them to one another .  It was meant to be . They met at  one of the only restaurants open between them driving from seperate towns and spent the first of many hours laughing and talking about their lives .  It was there they realized  something they admired about the other .   Cynthia smiles and tells me they've been inseparable since.  And so begins an adventure of true happiness and love ..... They gazed   at each other intently , below the golden word of love , framed and intertwined with green vines . Intimate vows were shared with their promise to cherish one another always and then sealed with the sweetest kiss.  Bubbly champagne was served  as Wayne's daughters read poems and Cynthia's two sons expressed their authentic happiness with a reading  and a beautiful toast to their life ahead . 2014-07-14_0003.jpg 2014-07-14_0004.jpg 2014-07-14_0005.jpg 2014-07-14_0006.jpg

Cynthia's son and fiance about to be married in just weeks.... 2014-07-14_0010.jpg 2014-07-14_0007.jpg 2014-07-14_0008.jpg Roberts Wedding2014-07-14_0015.jpg

A sand pouring symbolizing unity between  both their families in to one 2014-07-14_0011.jpg Here comes the   stylish strut down the aisle as husband and wife. Roberts Wedding 2014-07-14_0009.jpg

The Magnolia's of course ..... Roberts Wedding roberts Georgia_weddingfb2.jpg 2014-07-14_0012.jpg

These little pies are my new favorite food ! It's like heaven in your mouth! 2014-07-14_0013.jpg

Venue: Magnolia Hall in Woodstock , Georgia

Catering : Magnolia Thomas Restaurant  in Woodstock , Georgia

Pies: Buttermilk Bakery in Gainsville , Georgia

Ashley + Kyle .... Atlanta Georgia River Engagement

Ashley + Kyle's engagement session began on the river not far from Atlanta .  We hiked down trails and across rocks and thru the rivers rushing waters to create some amazing images.   A perfectly matched couple. They are so into each other    . What an awesome couple .  Their wedding is set for a 4th of July wedding  and I cant wait ! “The river that flows in you also flows in me.”~Kabir

2014-06-21_0002.jpg 2014-06-21_0001.jpg 2014-06-21_0003.jpg 2014-06-21_0004.jpg 2014-06-21_0006.jpg 2014-06-21_0005.jpg 2014-06-21_0014.jpg 2014-06-21_0007.jpg 2014-06-21_0008.jpg 2014-06-21_0013.jpg 2014-06-21_0009.jpg 2014-06-21_0010.jpg 2014-06-21_0011.jpg

You can watch there slideshow here.......Ashley & Kyle Slideshow

Downtown Canton Georgia Engagement Session Julie + Shaun

EngagementbecciphotographyJ S-7b.jpg

They met playing company league softball . It was just a friendly friendship. She secretly thought he had a crush on her . It turned out he hadn't at the time . He was just genuinely friendly. Months passed and they occasionally would  run into each other.  Eventually over time ,  a first date was requested . They had so much  fun  at Dave and Busters for the first date  . It was just so easy to be with Shaun she said and wanted to keep it going .

The third  date they went to see The Fast and the Furious. It involved an explosion of popcorn . Julie laughs about how she covered Shaun and the immediate rows within 3 rows either side of them with their buttered treat .  She only met to jokingly bump him with her hand and instead it was an immediatly funny site.   It all worked out perfectly and here they are !

Terry + Tye The Barn Dance Surprise Wedding!

Oh what a difference 24 hours can make .  If you would of told me last Friday that I'd be photographing a surprise wedding at a Barn Dance on Saturday ,  I would of said, " Yay, right!"  First of all, have you ever heard of a surprise wedding ????   Nope , didn't think so.  Surprise Proposals , sure , but not weddings ! 

 Okay , it actually happened  and I was told for absolute certain that there was going to be a wedding  at about 9:30  the night before ,  but that no one must  know! I was sitting at Taco Mac with my husband when  in came a text from the Bride , Terry , who just found out .  EEEEEEEEEEEE eeeeeeeeee!  I exclaimed  right there in that restaurant . And so,  the story begins.....

These  dear  friends of mine have been engaged for a very  looooooong time .  They have become like family to us  and are always there when needed. They are a fun, energetic , and   passionate couple.  Ten years of them being together , actually, it's eleven years, with  eight of those years  engaged !   It just seemed like was about time !  Everyone wondered when it would happen but after so long we  kind of thought that was the way it was going to be, until now.

Who would think up such a thing ? Tye would .  Tye thought it'd be something no one would expect to get married at the 16th annual Wallace Barn Dance. Terry of course was ecstatic beyond belief and if you know her you can imagine! The barn dance is held every year in one of the coolest, old weathered barns Ive seen. Its a   a fun time where  family & friends  gather for potluck style homecooked food and then are entertained with folk  &  bluegrass style music .     But ,  this particular night was a first for a wedding !

It was a blast  !   Tye and Terry were so excited and happy to finally be getting married. They disappeared during the show  to get ready . We  hid out on the edge of a field in complete darkness taking pictures until the final act would be announced . Then we moved to the smoke house where we were surprised to find Elvis getting ready ! We knew it was close to time  as the fiddle player played his music  and it was time for Tye and Terry to say their vows In front of the unknowing family and guests .  What a story they will always have . A story to share  and that's what its all about !

Here, is where it  all began,  but remember SHHHHHH, NO ONE CAN  KNOW ......






You both deserve so much happiness! Love you both & Thank you so much for allowing me and my family  to be a part of your big special day for the 24 hour ride ! It was amazing & I will never forget it! xoxo!




Are you In Love????? Atlanta Portrait Photographer




(This was a couple madly and happily in love  above that I photographed . They were steamy! )

I also wanted to share Something Beautiful to Watch..... It sends chills  seeing how passionate they are as they sing this song . I'm such a romantic though so I love this .  You have to watch !

Enjoy this music from The Medium.

Mandy + Scott Engagement . . .

I am really excited to share some of Mandy's photos before she celebrated her beautiful barn engagement party with all her friends and family . You may  remember this gorgeous couple from another session here. These two are playful and fun and I know are going to have the time of their lives. The party was amazing too and can only imagine that there wedding will be one of the most beautiful next year.