Boy & a Chic

While  working in my office one day last summer   I heard Wyatt in the next room in my studio area.  I could hear some unusual sounds ... Me: Whatcha doing?

Wyatt:  Nothhhing.... ( a long lingering nothing  where the " "  lingers then fades ever so slow.)

Then I hear scuffling  , trying to be quiet noises, and little peeps.  Peeps as in yes, sounds a chicken makes.

I got up and looked around the corner not sure of what I'd find.  There he was wearing his farm straw hat  with one of his Bantam chick's named , Pepper firmly under one arm and a tricycle loosely teetered sideways in the other. He said sheepishly that he was giving her a ride.

Hmmm.  I have never had a chicken in the house before so don't think this is normal . But, I have to  say it was too cute.  I had to hurry and find my camera because as I have learned , mostly  those unexpected  cute things with children are cute the first time around or it would be something that wouldn't happen again.

So here is a day in a life of Wyatt with  his chick, and Pepper's debut .











Rebecca BONNO

Senior and Newborn photography in the Atlanta Area. I want to take the best photo you’ve seen of yourself .