Family Full of Smiles

This family is a new one I met recently and was so excited to get to together  with them on an autumn Sunday . The weather couldn't of been better. Belinda and Perry had a really good idea. See, they have an old stump grinder that's been in the family for generations. So when they asked if they could bring it from their farm in North Carolina down to Georgia, I said why not!  I love when families come up with unique ideas that really mean something to the family.  However , I was instructed to save the photos of the whole family together  since there is something planned in the works. Here is a  glimpse of this sweet family having fun together and  a brand new engagement of one of their daughters, Mandy, with her fiance . The whole group was very sweet and quite a couple of cuties for granddaughters too. They had the most infectious laughs  that kept everyone smiling.



Rebecca BONNO

Senior and Newborn photography in the Atlanta Area. I want to take the best photo you’ve seen of yourself .