I am Rebecca Bonno and I am a portrait photographer. I create meaningful, soulful , art for you and your family . 
In my other life.....
I am a wife .
I am a mother to 3 amazing sons.
Based but not limited to the  Atlanta  area .
Travel? Yes! I dream about my next adventure often!Iam crazy about horses and have been my entire life. 
My favorite colors are turquoise , aqua, and all the various colors of the sea.
I truly believe that every moment in my life has brought me to where I am today.I believe in all the miracles in life. Birth, a child , the senior year , new love , and new beginnings.
I feel there is beauty in everyone , even if you don't see it yourself. But it is time to .
You know that saying "the eyes are the windows to the soul..."
I believe it and if you let me I want to capture that!




Georgia has been my home for the last 15 year. I love nature , adventure , and the ocean .

   I was born in Washington State, home of some of the most beautiful land in the world . I grew up  on a small 12 square mile island in the Pacific Northwest,  after also living in Port Orchard with my family raising horses and various small farm animals .   I was blessed to grow up next to my grandparents who still live there to this day .   

 Island life was so beautiful and artistic , however not so convenient .  I usually had to catch the 6:30 am ferry to get to school on time.  My favorite things growing up were riding horses on the beach , catching a glimpse of the orca whales playing in the sound , and taking as many excursions around the small island I could exploring.  The island was basically my playground growing up , so I felt comfortable climbing up and down cliffs , making forts in the forests,  and swimming in the sound during the summer.  

On the ferry I always admired the woman I would see with her camera who was a photographer.   She travelled to exotic places  for National Geographic and I wished that one day I could travel somewhere . Maybe anywhere. 

Somewhere warm  or different than the very familiar routine of my pacific northwest island life. I thought of jungles and tropical trees and azure colored oceans. Deserts, cacti , and whatever my mind could imagine . 

Over the years, I had dreamed of becoming a photographer  but I didn't really think it could happen .  I became obsessed with taking photos of my children doing just about everything with my Canon AE-1 film camera.  I took  black and white  classes and started developing my own film.  My husband encouraged me  over and over again until finally I believed that I could become a professional photographer .  This was around when digital had been around for a few years and I was afraid of changing cameras. However,  I took the leap & I am very grateful that I did and had the support of my husband to pursue it! 

 I would guess I am a lot like you  .  I love my family & amazing husband. I do the best I can as a mom to three sons. Always have and  always will . This family is my heart and soul . I enjoy working out, whether it be a kickboxing class, yoga, or a hike thou most days include a yoga class . I like baking over cooking but still like all food as well as  loving  simple fresh food.   I believe I will always want to travel throughout this exotic planet and be always be adventurous. I love to garden and be outdoors . 

 I am beyond  happy that  I can share my passion and this  gift with others . I truly feel a connection with each person I photograph and i put my heart into every image I take of you .   I love so much  when I capture your authentic self. Lets show  your love , your family, and the most beautiful side of you. Let  the look  on your radiant face shine through &  then again when I see your smile as you see your  photos !  Are you ready ? Lets get started!






“The aim of every artist is to arrest motion , which is life, by artificial  means and hold it fixed so that a hundred years later, when a stranger looks at it , it moves again since it is life."

 ~William Faulkner